Facility introduction

3 minutes walk from Tofukuji station! 1 station to Kyoto station! It is a traditional town shop convenient for sightseeing!
You can walk to the popular Tofukuji temple and Sengaiji Temple.
To Tofukuji station, Keihan and two JR lines pass, so if you use the train Fushimi Inari, Gion,
You can also go to Sanjusangendo and access to sightseeing spots is also outstanding!
This house is a Japanese traditional house built about 70 years ago.
Because it is a very quiet and safe residential area around, we can rest calmly in the evening.
As a characteristic of Japanese traditional houses, there are places with low ceilings and parts with steps on the floor, so please enjoy your stay overhead and feet carefully.
The comfortable number of people is 6 people, but up to 8 people can stay.